Flash! : 2011-05-18

Savior of the Universe

We recently updated the UDK version we were using. Doing this prevented us from using the UIScenes we were using for our menus and HUD since Epic removed them in favor of Scaleform. So now I have started to learn ActionScript and Flash getting everything back to where it was. So far I have a simple main menu, and our loadout back up. Next will be the HUD. While I am not the biggest fan of the "frames" in flash, overall it seems like a fine language.

Jeklynn Heights : 2010-12-04

New Video

Our first video for Jeklynn Heights is out! Check it out Here

Androids! : 2010-08-25

new projects

I have started to mess around with the Android SDK in my free time. It is something I have been planning to do ever since I got my android phone. I already learned the basics of java and the sdk, and all that is left is to get a demo game running. Probably something asteroids-ish. I am still getting used to their xml system, but I am getting the hang of it!

First Screen Shot! : 2010-06-02

Jeklynn Heights

After months of work we finally have our first screen shot! You can check it out by visiting the Vex Studios website. I hope it makes you as excited for the game as I am!

Exiciting stuff : 2010-05-09


A lot has been happening in the past few months! I have been thoroughly enjoying my work at Vex Studios (as the Technical Director), and we should be releasing some info fairly soon, so make sure to check out the website, www.VexStudios.com, in the coming weeks!

Engine Update : 2010-02-08

OGL Engine

I have just released the first demo to my OpenGL Engine. It is not 100% done, but it is far enough along that I can start using it for games. If you want to check it out in the programs section.

I will post the code when it is completely finished.

Vex Studios : 2010-01-02

new group

I am now volunteering for a new, small indy studio called Vex Studios. Their game seems really promising. Hopefully something big will come out of this project because I am really enjoying working for them! I am still working on my 2-D project and my rotator when I am in between tasks, but most of my focus will be on this new group.

Change of Plans : 2009-09-14

2D game

I have decided to move away from the 3D engine. I realize that making a 3D game all by my self is a big task that will take too much time to complete without any help, in addition to that the art for the game would not be any good. In light of that I have decided to start up a 2D project in OpenGL, of which I have yet to do. I have already completed the animation engine and I plan on working on the Object Manager. Once that is complete I will start with designing the game so I will know what other systems I will need.

Rendering : 2009-07-09

Next Project

I have decided that my next project will be a flexible render engine that I can use for my future projects. The engine will be a multi-pass system that can easily handle shaders (maybe even an animation system using vertex shaders). I may also include a simple physics engine so that I dont have to write one later.

Angry Code Monkies : 2009-06-26

studio website

The Studio that Moscow Lightning! belongs to (Angry Code Monkeys) has set up a Website so that you can experience all of our games. Enjoy!

Gold!! : 2009-06-22

You Die First

Well everyone. You Die First has hit gold! If you want to play it just download it from the Programs page!

The team blog has also been updated:
Moscow Lightning Dev Blog

Beta Testing Time! : 2009-05-28

You Die First

The You Die First Beta is now available! download it in the Programs page! Feedback is very much appreciated. The team blog has also been updated:

Moscow Lightning Dev Blog

Feature Frag 1 : 2009-04-07

You Die First

I have uploaded the Feature Frag 1 of my final project. You can download it from the programs section. Make sure when you download it you also have the OpenAL and the PhysX drivers (both of which you can get from the comments in the programs page)

You Die First! : 2009-03-23

Final Project Blog

My final project group and I have started a blog to allow people to follow the development of our game: You Die First. Enjoy :)

Moscow Lightning Dev Blog